Well-being should be ad-hoc

Being different never hurt the masters

Sometimes for the world to change you have to be different from everyone else, and the standard train of thought.

Mental health conditions are perplexing

Right now I’m sitting on a bed in a psychiatric ward, feeling well and watching a movie. Now, the medical professionals will tell you that this is because of my medication. That’s only part of the story. I am feeling well because I am eating well, relaxing, enjoying movies and most importantly sleeping. The only medication I probably needed was a sleeping pill and a good rest – in my opinion. I put in two eighty hour working weeks back to back … that’s the only crazy part!

Anyone can be Bipolar / Manic Depressive

I firmly believe that everyone is a little Bipolar … we can all push ourselves too far. For some, like me … too far becomes the norm.

Time to go home

I’ve spent just over a week in hospital now and it’s getting to me. I came in on the 29th March 2018. It’s time for me to resume a beautiful life, with beautiful friends and colleagues. I’m going to change the world of mental health … what is known and written in books is nonsense. I have first hand experience, what the experts think mental illness is might not be the whole story.

With love





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