The calm before the storm

Am I still awaiting a crash in mood?

I have a small concern right now that my mood is still to descend into a dark and black depression. It’s typical for mood to go into a major low after a manic episode – as yet I haven’t been all that bad. I can only hope I ejected most of my misery while being an in-patient on the hospital ward.

The little things that raise spirits

Having good friends

Good friends are vital to a healthy mindset. Sometimes people showing a bit of care and compassion is all it takes.

Having good music

Good music, like good friends can help keep the mind healthy. I’m not talking 140BPM banging Techno either. I’m talking soul music and ballads, material sung from the heart.

Keeping myself busy

Perhaps the most important to happiness is just staying busy and not giving myself too much time for inward reflection. The busier I am, the less time I have to dwell on past events.

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