Part 2 of 2: Listening to Dreams

This post follows up on part 1 where I spoke about some of my own dreams for the future.

Asking people about their dreams

One of the first activities we were asked to do on the Peer 2 Peer course is enquire about a person’s dreams and why those dreams are important to them. It can be easy to produce a bucket list, but it can be a lot harder to express why the items on the bucket list are important to us.

How does it feel to express our dreams?

I love this question: How does it feel to say what you really want to do in life to someone else?

I guess it depends who you tell?

For me there’s a vulnerability in expressing dreams. With the way my moods are, everything can be within sight one day and seem impossible the next. The most important thing is to keep pursuing them. As John Cena – wrestler turned movie star – would say, “Never Give Up!”

Dreams should grow as well. If we achieve one thing, we should all strive for the next level. If we reach the very top of our game, we should start giving back and help others up their dream ladder.

It’s important not to judge a person and their dreams. What seems a simple goal to us, might well be a mountain to climb to a neighbour. I may take peace for granted, my neighbour may be at war and only see peace as a hope for the future.

We make our own dreams come true

Dreams should always be something we unlock for ourselves. There’s no gratification to entering a cheat code in the game of life and reaching the last level, before first having conquered the preceding levels.

I’m only now coming to learn the importance of empowerment. If you want to achieve a dream badly enough, do it yourself. Use support where necessary, but don’t surrender to someone else what you have the capability to achieve with your own mind and body.

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