Keeping life simple

I’ve spent pretty much all day messing around with the ThemeFusion AvadaWordPress theme, only to discover that the Twenty Nineteen WordPress theme released by WordPress is far superior and free! Lesson well and truly learned.

Why do I need a blog?

I need a blog because the topics I wish to discuss can’t be adequately covered in a few sentences on Facebook. I need space, and the ability to flow freely with my writing.

What am I going to be talking about?

My lived experience of mental health issues, and the realisation that my journey to recovery could have been far smoother. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I’ll also be talking about what makes me, Chris. My love for technology, music, games, good food, exercise and keeping my mind stimulated.

Why do I need to share things?

I’ve kept my life and my struggles to myself for far too long. I’m hoping by sharing my journey, nobody else has to go through life, feeling crap on their own. There is hope!

How can you help me?

Communicate! Plain and simple. Interaction is essential for avoiding the blues and withdrawing from society.

Parting song

I think I’ll always try to end every post with a song. Here’s what I’m listening to right now.

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