Hungover feeling and more soup

Since dropping from 150mg to 100mg of Quetiapine I seem to find it harder to sleep and motivate myself to do anything in the house like my Java programming.

It’s endlessly frustrating to know that relearning Java programming is useful but to be preoccupied with a seemingly desolate and empty mind. There’s presumably something changing at a chemical level in my brain that’s obscuring my perception of reality. I feel hopelessly disconnected from people while at home, and generally fine when face to face with my peers such as within the Linton Lane Centre.

I liken this state to being hungover. There’s an absence of desire to do anything, but thankfully there’s no headaches or squeamish stomach to contend with.

I did make another pot of corriander soup and finish the one Java exercise I’ve been mulling over all day.

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