Part 1 of 2: Daring to Dream

Daring to Dream is part of the Peer 2 Peer course I’m enrolled in. When I first attempted this exercise it was Week 1 on the course and I was attending on very little sleep. It’s a fluid document I should come back to and update.

  • Part 1 is about personal dreams
  • Part 2 is listening to the dreams of others
    • How do other people feel sharing their dreams?
    • How does it feel listening to other people and their dreams?

Things I want to achieve in life

Below is a list of things I want achieve in my life. In no particular order, but equal importance.

Better relationships

I want to maintain better relationships with friends and colleagues. It has been all too easy in the past to withdraw from social activities when my moods begin to slip.

Staying connected isn’t just staying in touch using messenger apps on a computer or phone, it’s about face-to-face interaction. I really need to make a point of catching up with people in the flesh. Electronic communication isn’t an equal substitute in my eyes.

Better planning and organisation

I have a bad habit of doing things as they come to mind, as opposed to sitting down and carefully considering the approach. Ironically, when I do plan ahead, I am good at it. I have fond memories of sitting in my computing class at school, figuring out the code structure, while my peers dived right onto the computer.


I tend to tell people I can’t drive, but I can. I just never passed the test. It wouldn’t take all that many lessons to get back on the horse.

A car would allow me to travel around, and travelling around is a dream of mine.

Eating well

I’ve been a terrible comfort eater over the years. Chocolate and biscuits with every cup of tea or coffee. It is possible to nip it in the bud!

My strategy now is to have a good breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. If I’m still hungry I’ll just have a second course. I’m going to the gym five days a week, so I do need the energy.

Getting my own place

I really, really need to move out of my mum’s house. It can be a safe haven during periods of illness, but also suffocating when I need to spread my wings.

I have my own personality, likes and dislikes. My mum’s style isn’t necessarily my style. She likes flowers – I like plain and simple. My mum also has a thing for lights, lots of lights.

My best mate has considered looking into a flat share. I need to be earning consistently to make it happen.

Eventually, I want somewhere which is mine and mine alone.

Wrapping my head around business

I can do the geeky technical stuff at a computer, but I also want to understand the business side of it too. Producing a solution and simply getting paid for it is a little lazy on my part.

I really need to scrub up on financial stuff. I’m good with money in terms of not wasting it, but that’s just one aspect of finance.

Taking on new challenges

I really want to takes the experiences I’ve gained in life and share them. Travel around and talk to lots of people. Nothing moves forward when I sit in the same place, doing the same things I’ve always done.


One day I’ll be the Computer Scientist I set out to be. If for nothing more than resolving unfinished business – closure. Sure I can pick up everything I need on coding by looking online these days, but being a coder isn’t being a Computer Scientist. There’s logic, system architecture, databases, data structures and algorithms … the list goes on. To be credible in all of those is a dream of mine.

Art & Design

Art has always been a subconscious talent. I’ve always been able to do certain things in art without putting much thought into it. The only thing I do these days is colouring books to relax if I’m a bit anxious. I have a nice graphics tablet for the computer – I should make better use of it.

I suppose it would be a dream to have a nice gallery of completed colouring books on my website.


I have a dream of taking my love for music to the next level. Creating new material is very satisfying. It needs to be a sound that represents me though, as opposed to trying to appeal to the masses.

I really like Blues music. The keys, the brass. There’s a sophistication and emotion that isn’t in other genres. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the tutorial videos on how to play Blues on piano. I used to follow Ronnie Scotts on Mixcloud religiously – I really should get back on the wagon!

My love for dance music comes and goes. There’s so much of it out there. Old stuff holds a place in my heart more than the new releases. I always jump back to Rick Snoman and Dance Music Production for learning how to approach dance music somewhat professionally.

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