Cherwell and movies

I kicked today of with some luck! Managed to get my virtual Cherwell lab working again first thing in the morning. Watched a few movies at the cinema come evening.

Catching up with colleagues

It felt great this morning to chime in with colleagues and let them know that my health is improving. I was pleasantly surprised by how happy everyone was to hear from me. I think they were pleasantly surprised how much more human and alive I sound.

Virtual Cherwell lab

So, I’ve had a set of virtual machines on my gaming PC for a while. It consists of the following:

  • Domain Controller
  • SQL Server
  • Cherwell Instance

It’s all running on a subnet too, so I don’t have to muck around much with the internet.

Easy to setup, you just have:

  • A subnet which is offline and a local network
  • Another virtual network adapter for machines you want to be internet facing

I thought I would have to set everything up from scratch. I got lucky! Installing the latest VMWare kept my old settings. Happy days.

Personal Cherwell project

I’m thinking about designing a mental health based mApp in Cherwell. It’s a way to rebuild my confidence in developing solutions. It’s been four months and I’m rusty now. I done some brain storming after I’d been at the gym this morning. I’m thinking it’d be pretty cool to capture local support groups in Cherwell and the services they provide. I need to develop the idea further.

Movies with friends

I decided it would be a good idea to watch some movies at the cinema with friends. I’m not one to relax for long, but it was nice to just escape for a little while. Ended up watching the new Terminator and some Disney movie with Kings, Queens and fairies … not really my thing.

Progress with medication

Being back on Depakote for my Bipolar condition seems to be helping so far. It’s such a difference compared to struggling and ending up in hospital last week. That’s not to say I won’t have dips from time to time. I’m optimistic for the future.

Parting song

I’m loving the updated release of Atlantis – Fiji. This is the ReOrder remix.

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