Cherwell 9.7.0 – Custom logs

By the far the best feature I’ve discovered to be added to Cherwell 9.7.0 is custom logs. Perhaps it’s the programmer in me. I’ve always thought that debugging and error handling in Cherwell could be improved – custom logs are a huge step forward in that direction.

How it works

Creating custom logs is as easy as adding the one-step action. In this example, I’m just changing the text in the description field of an Incident record.

  • Pre update: Logs the current text
  • Update Desc field: Changes the text
  • Post update: Logs the new text
  • Success message: Logs a success message if the text was changed successfully. If it doesn’t run, the log reports that the step was skipped. I guess I could use case select here to avoid the case skipping message.

One-Step in Action

Here’s a few screen shots of before and after. They’re not really what I’m interested in.

Before running the One-Step

After running the One-Step

The all important log file

The log file is where the magic has happened. With custom logging within the one-step we can capture human readable notes which make perfect sense to us. No more scratching our heads! Reducing the time it takes to resolve issues with very complex logic. Fantastic!

Here’s a screenshot of my log:

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