Part 1 of 2: Daring to Dream

Daring to Dream is part of the Peer 2 Peer course I’m enrolled in. When I first attempted this exercise it was Week 1 on the course and I was attending on very little sleep. It’s a fluid document I should come back to and update.

  • Part 1 is about personal dreams
  • Part 2 is listening to the dreams of others
    • How do other people feel sharing their dreams?
    • How does it feel listening to other people and their dreams?
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Cherwell 9.7.0 – Custom logs

By the far the best feature I’ve discovered to be added to Cherwell 9.7.0 is custom logs. Perhaps it’s the programmer in me. I’ve always thought that debugging and error handling in Cherwell could be improved – custom logs are a huge step forward in that direction.

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The calm before the storm

Am I still awaiting a crash in mood?

I have a small concern right now that my mood is still to descend into a dark and black depression. It’s typical for mood to go into a major low after a manic episode – as yet I haven’t been all that bad. I can only hope I ejected most of my misery while being an in-patient on the hospital ward. Continue reading “The calm before the storm”