Part 1 of 2: Daring to Dream

Daring to Dream is part of the Peer 2 Peer course I’m enrolled in. When I first attempted this exercise it was Week 1 on the course and I was attending on very little sleep. It’s a fluid document I should come back to and update.

  • Part 1 is about personal dreams
  • Part 2 is listening to the dreams of others
    • How do other people feel sharing their dreams?
    • How does it feel listening to other people and their dreams?
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Cherwell 9.7.0 – Custom logs

By the far the best feature I’ve discovered to be added to Cherwell 9.7.0 is custom logs. Perhaps it’s the programmer in me. I’ve always thought that debugging and error handling in Cherwell could be improved – custom logs are a huge step forward in that direction.

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Talking about my mind

Putting my thoughts online

It sounds a simple enough process to put my thoughts online. People do that every day on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s not so common is talk about the mental health side of what’s going on in that grey matter between your ears. Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a bash! What’s the worst that can happen?

There’s lots of courses and tutorials about how to blog, and what to write and when. I’m going to initially just use my intuition.

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