Clearer headed

I’ve managed to eliminate one pill from my medication regime. I thought I’d have months of insomnia. Thankfully, things aren’t too bad. I do sleep. I need to start to build up habits, routines and structure again. From those things, I’ll get a bit of confidence in myself and my abilities. I’m still gently chipping… Continue reading Clearer headed

The motivation of a brick

I’m finding I have the motivation of a brick. I can still do things, but there’s a sheer absence of enjoyment from making progress with things like re-learning Java basics. I’m just casually going over exercises and not taking much interest.

Out at the weekend

Went out over the weekend with the lads. An idea for a Manchester Music night resurfaced again. Tried some gaming on Sunday. Not really getting much of a buzz.

Flat batteries

Not got much oomph or drive at all to push on with looking at Java or music. Seems to be true of the things that don’t need interaction with other people.

Hungover feeling and more soup

Since dropping from 150mg to 100mg of Quetiapine I seem to find it harder to sleep and motivate myself to do anything in the house like my Java programming. It’s endlessly frustrating to know that relearning Java programming is useful but to be preoccupied with a seemingly desolate and empty mind. There’s presumably something changing… Continue reading Hungover feeling and more soup

Corriander Soup and AVBF

Made corriander soup at the cooking class today, turned out great. Also, attended A Veteran’s Best Friend in the evening. Had a really cool chat with Mick.

Walk around Ravenscraig Park

Caught up with Kev today, shooting the breeze about inadequacies with some local services. Inspires me to dig deep and sharpen my own skillset.

Kirkcaldy Strong Town Walk

I went for a walk around Kirkcaldy today as part of Kirkcaldy Strong. The initiative celebrates the work of local charities and community groups. It was nice that some drivers beeped their horns as we walked around the town. I would say the people taking part in the walk understood the purpose of it more… Continue reading Kirkcaldy Strong Town Walk